Foregin students testing Christmas candy

It is a strange thing, having foreign students testing what you think is the most natural and best tastes in the world. Fiber invited two foreign students from India to test some Norwegian Christmas candy and Christmas cakes. We invited Sri Kolla and Alekhya Bhoga to test some Norwegian Christmas products.


Risgrøt (rice porridge)

Our Indian friends is used to eat rice, and also rice porridge, but they had never tasted it with cinnamon before, when we Norwegians eat it with sugar, cinnamon and a “dash” of butter, while they eat it with sugar and dried fruits. After tasting the porridge with cinnamon the response from both was that they definitely will eat this with cinnamon later as well.


Jule-marsipan (christmas marzipan)

Norwegians are crazy for marzipan, especially around Christmas and Easter holidays. This was something none of our Indian friends had tasted before, and they were both very sceptical. Alekhya didn’t like the marzipan very much, also Sri had a funny idea about the marzipan only working if you eat it with chocolate, if you eat just marzipan, it will not taste good.


Pepperkake (gingerbread)

Gingerbread might be the most traditional Christmas cake of them all for Norwegians. “It tastes good !”  Both of our Indians liked it. Then Sri added “it tastes good, but with milk it would be awesome !”.


Kinder chocolate santa

There are a lot of chocolate santas around, but today we had some of the kinder chocolate santas to test. When the Norwegians tested it, we agreed that it was almost exactly the same as the traditional kinder egg. Our Indian friends was not familiar to this. Sri thought it was almost too sweet, Alekhya was very clear “I like this !”.


Julekake med geitost ( Christmas-cake with goat cheese)

This is something that you can get in Norwegian stores during the whole year. But for many Norwegians it is during the Christmas that you eat a lot of it. Someone eat it with just butter, and someone eat it with both butter and goat cheese. None of them liked the goat cheese, but the Christmas cake became popular, and they ate a few slices of the cake during the night.

Christmas time is the celebration of family and food in Norway. The Norwegian Christmas tradition is well covered with winter snow and brightened by northern lights. «Fiber» took it as a privilege to invite some international friends to taste and feel the joy of Christmas food at “teste juleogdteri”. “Fire place, delicious food, fun and joy are the common things to witness” Alekhya Bhoga one of the Indian friends added on the occasion. “We are pleased to have delicious Risgrøt, Jule-marsipan, Kinder chocolate santa, and Christmas cake but we really don’t like the goat cheese” added by Sri Kolla from India. The event was fun with a group of diverse people, and it was an occasion to spread the glimpses of Norwegian Christmas tradition.


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